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License Activation

STM32Java Licenses

Licenses are managed on STM32Java Licenses Server.

To activate a license, please follow the Product Registration section of the Getting Started documentation.

Special Keil µVision MDK-ARM Evaluation License (optional)

Some platforms require Keil µVision MDK-ARM environment. Once you have registered your STM32Java SDK, you may apply for a Keil µVision MDK-ARM Evaluation License for STM32Java. Please follow the next steps:

  • Install and activate your STM32Java SDK
  • Once your license is activated, log into your STM32Java Licenses Server account
  • Go to Registered Products tab
  • Click on the product P/N link to access to resources attached to the product
  • Download the TLT-0606-MAN-STM32JavaKeilEvaluation.pdf document
  • Follow the instructions described in the document to get and to install your Keil µVision MDK-ARM Evaluation License

The Keil µVision MDK-ARM Evaluation license is time-limited to 1 month, and has a 256KB code size limit.

Technical Support

Problem Report

Submit a problem report by sending an email to Remember to give comprehensive information about your issue, such as :

  • Product P/N
  • Product version
  • Steps to reproduce issue
  • Expected behavior
  • Operating System
  • Whether it occurs on SimJPF and/or EmbJPF


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